Multiplayer Scripted Framework

About the Framework

The MPSF Framework is a scripting library to enable the creation of engaging and content rich missions efficently and dynamically where needed.

It is created to take on a lot of the heavy lifting when designing a mission from a code perspective so mission makers don’t get bogged down in trying to get features and adhoc scripts to work and can just focus on the story or experiences they want to create.

History of MPSF
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There are many options to get started with MPSF. The first step is to download the package and place it into your mission. Follow the tutorials if you need support through this process.

MPSF Package
MPSF Examples


Tutorial 1

Mission Setup

Tutorial 2

Scenario Planning

Tutorial 3

Mission Config

Tutorial 4

Placing Objects

Tutorial 5

Creating Tasks

Tutorial 6

Testing & QA

Configuration Library

The configuration library contains the full breakdown and details of how to configure, customise and augment the framework. It is contextually simple but goes into complex details for the more customisable aspects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started using the framework?

    Begin by using the tutorials above to learn the process and begin designing missions


  • Where can I get assistance with building my mission?

    There are a few options: Our forum, the BIS forum or our discord.